Site Policy


The name of this website is Portal site of Hokkaido’s history and culture – Akarenga.

Points to note about the website structure

This website includes the following features to improve accessibility and usability:

  • Standardized overall design and basic operation of each page
  • Categorization of information
  • Information conveyed by various means besides color and shape

JavaScript and HTML5 are used to display certain types of content.
If the above features are not supported in your browser, some content (e.g., social media buttons) may not be properly displayed.


Although the Hokkaido Government has taken all possible measures to ensure that this website’s information is current and accurate, it assumes no responsibility for any actions of people utilizing information on this website. It also assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or loss incurred as a result of accessing this website.


The content of this website is subject to change or deletion without any prior notification.

Linking policy

Feel free to link to the top page of this website.
However, we may request deletion of any links from websites that are illegal or offensive to public order and morals.

Copyright policy

All individual pieces of information on this website (e.g., text, photos and illustrations) are subject to copyright. The entire website is also subject to copyright protection as a compilation. Both are therefore protected by the Japanese Copyright Act. Unauthorized copying or reproduction of this website’s content is prohibited unless provided for in the Copyright Act.

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