Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

Hokkaido Museum Gallery of Hokkaido’s History

Second floor, The Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

“Hokkaido Museum Gallery of Hokkaido’s History” is a satellite exhibition hall of the Hokkaido Museum that provides people opportunities to appreciate parts of the museum’s collection in a downtown location.

The exhibition hall is divided into permanent and temporary exhibition spaces. The permanent exhibition introduces artifacts that tell stories about the nature, history and culture of Hokkaido selected from the museum’s collection of 160,000 works, while the temporary exhibition delves deep into a specific topic. (Exhibits in the temporary exhibition space are changed several times a year.) Enjoy various art works unique to Hokkaido including giant ammonite and other fossils, and tools representing Ainu culture and cold region living conditions.

* Open daily except year-end and new-year holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 3) from 8:45 to 18:00
* Admission free.

The Hokkaido Museum is located approximately 40 minutes (*) by public transportation from The Former Hokkaido Government Office Building. The museum welcomes all visitors.

* Travel time does not include the time required for transfers.

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